The ten minute drive to Limenaria is a wealth of stunning, panoramic views of the islands close to Agistri. 

As you follow the wide and winding road, breathtaking vistas will open up to you revealing stretches of blue, blue sea and the dramatic outlines of nearby islands and the distant mainland.

Limenaria can first been seen from the road giving visitors a bird’s eye of this unspoilt village nestling quietly in its private valley.

Purely residential, this old village has no bars, no hotels and remains a charming example of country Greek living.

The centre has its own church, Agia Kyriaki, which is small, simple but has served its community for many years. Following the small winding streets and see the quaint houses with lovely gardens which are home to many of the oldest families of Agistri.

Stop at the village’s only taverna which, although simple in look, has a proud reputation for serving some of the very best food on the island. All those who experience the culinary skills in the modest taverna “Tasos” come away singing its praises.

Situated between Dragonera Beach and Aponissos, Limenaria is the perfect stopping point for absorbing original Greek culture and architecture and fantastic, fresh traditional Greek cuisine.