Milos – Megalochori

Megalochori (meaning “big village” but known commonly as Milos) is the official main town of Agistri as it houses the Mayor’s office. However, this is a modest village with enchanting walks through its tiny, winding streets where you will see some of the oldest houses on the island all of which have been in the same families for many, many generations.

At its heart is the church of Agios Zoodochou Pigis which has its Name Day one week after Easter when Milos and the

rest of Agistri joins in the two day celebrations with services, parties, market fairs – a truly carnival feeling pervades! The town is well served with tavernas and bars in the centre and past the church on the road which winds down to sea, you will also discover a choice of hotels all of which have spectacular views from their balconies over gardens and the sea, with more bars and eating places.

Milos has a choice of supermarkets and, for those hunting down the perfect gift to reflect their Agistri experience, there are souvenir shops which offer an excellent choice of traditional presents.

Milos has its own port and is the arrival point for the Aegean Flying Dolphin service which comes direct from the Athens’ port of Piraeus to Agistri in only a 45 minute journey, or via Aegina island in a 60 minute journey and is also served by the island’s own Agistri Express several times a day.